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Carriage Manor Homeowner's Association             
5660 Calash Drive
Oroville, Ca. 95966


                                                    CARRIAGE MANOR is a 15-acre single family senior subdivision in an
                                                    unincorporated middle-class residential  area southeast of Oroville in the
                                                    gold-country foothills of Butte County, California.

                                                    The Association is organized and managed by its owner-occupants to 
                                                    preserve a  comfortable life-style
on a fixed income. 

                                                          All lot owners, own their own land and home they live in 
                                      Together we 
manage our own streets, clubhouse, common areas and other subdivision 
Relying on the Golden Rule and people’s good will, we are proud that since
                                      our founding in 1979, we 
have preserved our senior exemptions and remained compliant 
                                      with local and federal housing and  
laws, making sure we are in compliance with HOPA 
                                      rules and regulations, while still m
aintaining our comfortable, fixed-income, life style.
                                      Revised edition fo the CC&R'S, Bylaws and Rules will be delivered to members. 

                                                                Posted on our Bulletin Board will be  HOPA rules in
                                                                         compliance manatory for our exemptions. 

                                               The New Carriage Manor Board of Directors wish to welcome and encourage all 
                                              members to attend all our meetings, to participate, and voice any and all concerns. 
                                                           All lot owners are voting members of Carriage Manor Association.  

                                                                              Let's make a difference, Best Wishes

                                                                            The Carriage Manor Board of Directors



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